Video Competition Rock in Reykjavik 2.0

Every Icelandic musician, every musician living in Iceland, everybody on Earth was invited to bring a tribute to the Rokk í Reykjavík Rockumentary made by director Friðrik Þór Friðriksson in the period 1981-1982.

10 Videos were uploaded on YouTube between 1. January and before 1. May 2012 with the tags “Rokk”, “Rock”, “Reykjavík”, “Reykjavik”, “Tribute”, “2012” and “Contest”.

It would be nice if every musician donates 1000 IKR (a birthday gift) to make a CD & DVD about this tribute competition & concert.

Donations on Paypal via the Save Ice Bank account.

10 Competitors

Competitor # 1

Heida Eiriks

Gotta go", a cover of Fræbbblarnir

The original

Competitor # 2

Dr. Gunni

"Af litlum neista verður mikið kál", a cover of Bruni BB

The Original @ 2:43 in this part of RIR

Competitor # 3

Björn Gunnlaugsson

"Bereft", a cover of Mogo Homo

The original

Competitor # 4

Elvar Geir Sævarsson

"Lollipops", a cover of Sjálfsfróun (Masturbation)

The Original @ 2:44 in RIR

Competitor # 5


"Óvænt", a cover of Purrkur Pillnikk

The Original

Competitor # 6


"Af því að pabbi vildi það, a cover of Jonee Jonee

The Original

Competitor # 7


"Killer Boogie", a cover of the band Þeyr

The Original

Competitor # 8


"Stórir Strákar", a cover of Egó

The Original @ 5:10

Competitor # 9

Blóð "Þögull", a cover of Þursaflokkurinn

Competitor # 10

2You "Creeps", a cover of Q4U

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